Genesis 31:18

And he carried away all his cattle, and all his goods which he had gotten, the cattle of his getting, which he had gotten in Paddanaram, to go to Isaac his father in the land of Canaan.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Gotten. Hebrew expresses over again, the cattle of his getting, which is omitted in one manuscript, as well as in the Septuagint, Syriac, and Arabic versions, though yet used in the Samaritan copy. (Kennicott) To Isaac, who was still living, though he had apprehended death was at hand 20 years before. He continued to live other 20 years after. (Salien) Jacob spent about 10 years at Sichem and at Bethel, before he went to dwell with Isaac. (Menochius)

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