Genesis 30:32

I will pass through all your flock today, removing from there all the speckled and spotted sheep, and all the brown lambs among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats: and of such shall be my wages.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Speckled; from those which are all of one colour. Those which should be of the former description must belong to Jacob, while all the black and the white should be Laban's. Brown, or of a dull mixture of white and black. Spotted, having large patches of either colour. Divers, little spots variegating the fleece. (Menochius) The original is extremely obscure. Jacob asks only for the worst; the speckled sheep and goats, also the black sheep and the white goats, ver. 35. (Bo chart.) (Calmet)

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