Genesis 27:8

Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command you.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
See a mother’s affection, or rather God’s designs: He it was who prompted her to make plans and also made sure all turned out well. Do you see the mother’s excellent planning? See also Jacob’s circumspection in showing his mildness of manner in his reply. “He replied to his mother, ‘My brother Esau is hairy, whereas my skin is smooth. Perhaps my father may touch me, and I will appear ridiculous to him and bring on myself a curse, and not blessing’ ” Remarkable the child’s dutifulness and his respect for his father: “I am afraid,” he says. “My efforts may have the contrary effect. I may seem out of step with my father’s wishes and win a curse instead of a blessing.” So what does Rebekah do, this extraordinary woman of great affection? Since she was not concocting this only out of her own thinking but was also implementing the prediction from on high, she took every care to banish fear from the child and instill courage so as to bring off the plan. Instead of promising him that he would ...


AD 450
I will try to explain briefly how wonderful, great and full of mysteries according to the promises of God are the events that occurred in these two twins. Isaac, their father, who had become blind in his physical eyes while his interior light continued to shine, promised Esau, his firstborn son, to give him the blessing, if he would prepare a tasteful dish of game for him. And Esau immediately hurried to carry out what had been ordered. The mother, who had heard the promise of the blessing for the elder brother, since she was divinely inspired, prepared a mystical plot made with prophetical art in order to direct the blessing to Jacob, the younger son. She took the garments of the firstborn son that she had at home, and dressed the younger brother with them, and put skins of young goats on his arms and his naked neck and dressed him in such a way that who he was would not be recognized. And this symbolical action in a sense shows us the Christ: he did not take the sinful flesh but “the...

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