Genesis 25:7

And these are the days of the years of Abraham's life which he lived, a hundred three score and fifteen years.
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AD 735
Isaac, the son of the promise, was born in Abraham’s hundredth [year], because the blessing of the inheritance that is promised to all the families of the earth through his seed will doubtless be conferred in the heavenly homeland that is to come. [Abraham] sojourned a hundred years in the land of promise, because all of us who are made children of Abraham through faith ought to live as sojourners in the present church in hope of a heavenly inheritance. In this manner, “Isaac sowed in Gerar (which is interpreted as “residence [as an alien]”), and “in that same year he acquired a hundredfold,” because as soon as we go forth from the body into the heavenly life, we receive back whatever good works we have done while sojourning in this life as children of the promise. .

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