Genesis 24:6

And Abraham said unto him, Beware that you bring not my son there again.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
The patriarch, on the other hand, delivered an adequate direction to his servant and put him under oath. But let us now see the servant’s sense of duty in imitating his master’s godliness; when he saw the good man directing him with great earnestness, he said to him, “If the woman does not want to accompany me, do you want me to take your son back to the country you came from?” In case some problem arises, he is saying, and I seem to overstep your commands, I would consequently like to know what rules I should observe and whether it is your will that Isaac should go there, take his wife and then return here if she does not agree to accompany me, as you commanded? So what did the good man reply? He rejected this alternative, saying, “Be sure not to take my son back there.” There is no need for you to do it, he says. The One who made the promise to me and guaranteed that his descendants would be increased to such an extent will also bring this to a happy end.

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