Genesis 24:41

Then shall you be clear from this my oath, when you come to my kindred; and if they give you not one, you shall be clear from my oath.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Curse, which always attends the person who does not endeavour to comply with a lawful oath. (Haydock) The Hebrews commonly added in this sense, May God do these things to me, and still more, if I prove false. (Menochius) In this sense, Abraham's steward gives the meaning of his master, as he had hitherto repeated his very words at full length. This perfectly agrees with the style of the heroic ages; such as we find expressed in the poems of Homer, the most ancient work of any heathen author. The account which he gives of the noble simplicity of those ages, when the ladies went for water, and princes prepared the entertainments for their guests, cannot fail to strike us, when we compare the works of that admired author with the inspired writings. (Haydock)

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