Genesis 24:28

And the damsel ran, and told them of her mother's house these things.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
When he saw the child’s candor and learned everything from her clearly, then he in turn made known to her who he was. Through his thanksgiving to God, he made clear to her the fact that he had not come from some alien house but that the man who had sent him was brother to Nahor. On learning this “the girl ran off,” the text says, with great joy. See how in everything done by her she shows her enthusiasm for hospitality—by running, by her words, by her restraint. Note that the text says, “She ran and reported these words in her mother’s house.” She made known to her parents everything she had heard from the servant. “Laban ran to the one outside at the spring,” the text continues. Notice also this man showing his interest by running; seeing the person standing at the spring with the camels, “he said to him, ‘Come inside—blessed by the Lord— why stay outside? I have made ready the house and a place for the camels.’ ” Observe this man also blessing the Lord at the arrival of the stranger and making earnest supplication before putting hospitality into practice. “Come inside,” he says; “I have taken the precaution of ‘making ready the house and a place for the camels.’ ”

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