Genesis 21:9

And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she had borne unto Abraham, mocking.
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
Then the time came for Isaac to be born, and milk flowed in the breasts of the old woman. On the day of the great feast that Abraham prepared when he circumcised and weaned Isaac, Sarah noticed Ishmael playing. But Sarah also saw how much Ishmael shared the characteristics of his mother, for just as Sarah was despised in the eyes of Hagar, so too did Ishmael mock her son, and she thought, “If he acts thus to my son while I am still alive, perhaps [Abraham] will make him coheir with my son when I die and even give him two parts according to [the laws of] the firstborn.” ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Playing, or persecuting, as St. Paul explains it, Galatians iv. 29. The play tended to pervert the morals of the young Isaac, whether we understand this term metsachak, as implying idolatry, or obscene actions, or fighting; in all which senses it is used in Scripture. See Exodus xxxii. 6; Genesis xxvi. 8; 2 Kings ii. 14. (Menochius) Ismael was 13 years older than Isaac; and took occasion, perhaps, from the feast, and other signs of preference given by his parents to the latter, to hate and persecute him, which Sara soon perceiving, was forced to have recourse to the expedient apparently so harsh, of driving Ismael and his mother from the house, that they might have an establishment of their own, and not disturb Isaac in the inheritance after the death of Abraham. (Haydock) In this she was guided by a divine light; (Menochius) and not by any female antipathy, ver. 12. Many of the actions of world lings, which at first sight may appear innocent, have a natural and fatal tendency to perv...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
See, I ask you, dearly beloved, in this instance once again Sarah not tolerating the brashness of Ishmael and unable to put up equably with the maidservant’s son being reared with Isaac. So just as she previously wished to check Hagar’s arrogance and in her extreme irritation had her sent packing, so in this case too she wanted to nip Ishmael’s forwardness in the bud. Not bearing to see the son born of grace and of the very gift of God being reared along with that of the Egyptian maidservant, she said to Abraham, “Send away the maidservant and her son: surely the son of the maidservant will not share the inheritance with my son?” Since she realized that she herself was in fact in extreme old age, and she saw the patriarch was well on (after all, they were both advanced in years), she was afraid that in the event of their sudden passing Ishmael would, on the score of his being born of an association of the patriarch, endeavor to thrust himself into his father’s inheritance and become a ...

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