Genesis 21:19

And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the skin with water, and gave the lad a drink.
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Cyril of Alexandria

AD 444
Abraham took it very hard when Hagar fled from him, though he had sent her off at God’s command. Similarly it was a great cause of sorrow to the holy apostles and evangelists when Israel fell. However, they were separated from them, not at all willingly but because of God’s will and out of love for Christ. For this reason the divine Paul writes, “My sorrow is great, and I have continuous pain in my heart, for I would wish that I myself could be separated from Christ for the sake of my brothers, who are from the same race as I according to the flesh; they are Israelites.” So, when the mother of the Jews was sent away, she wandered for a long time in the wilderness, and there was some danger of her being wholly destroyed. But if she should begin to weep (like Hagar) in time and cry out to God, she will be shown mercy abundantly. For God will open the eyes of their understanding, and they too will see the fountain of living water, that is, Christ. And believing they too will rejoice, and ...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
“He opened her eyes,” the text goes on, not because she couldn’t see before this but because even with her eyes open nothing was of any help to her before the visitation from on high. Hence, since his intention was to give evidence of care on his part, it says, “He opened her eyes,” that is, he made clear to her in her ignorance, he activated her mind, he showed her the way to find the place flowing with springs of water. “She saw a well of running water,” the text goes on, “and she went and filled the bag, and gave the boy to drink.” In her neediness the Lord granted her means, and when she found herself so much at a loss and lacking all hope of survival, he gave evidence in her case of his characteristic generosity by consoling her and at the same time exercising care for the child. In like manner, whenever God wishes, even if we are utterly alone, even if we are in desperate trouble, even if we have no hope of survival, we need no other assistance, since God’s grace is all we requir...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Mindful of this, let us, I beseech you, shun the harm of this passion and with all our might exterminate it from our own souls. This, after all, is more deadly than all other passions and undermines our very salvation, being in fact the invention of the wicked demon. Hence a certain sage also said, “Through the devil’s envy death entered the world.” What is meant by “through the devil’s envy death entered the world”? You see, since this wicked beast saw that the firstformed human being was created immortal, by his characteristic wickedness he led him on to disobedience of the command and in that way caused him to bring on himself the penalty of death. So envy caused deception, deception caused disobedience, and disobedience caused death. Hence the text says, “Through the devil’s envy death entered the world.” Do you see the extent of the harm caused by this passion? It made the one given the privilege of immortality undergo death. The enemy of our salvation, however, introduced the env...

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