Genesis 13:11

Then Lot chose all the plain of Jordan; and Lot journeyed east: and they separated themselves the one from the other.
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
How appropriately then Scripture says, “Lot,” that is, deviation, “chose for himself.” Indeed, God has placed before us good and evil, so that each may choose what he wishes. Let us not then choose that which is more pleasing at first sight but that which is truly better, so that, having been granted the ability to choose what is preferable, we lift up our eyes and be attracted by false beauty while we leave concealed the truth of nature, as one who looks the other way. .

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
From the east of Pentapolis to Sodom, (Menochius) or to the east of the place where Abram was, as Onkelos has it. The Hebrew may signify either. (Grotius.)

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