Ezra 3:10

And when the builders laid the foundation of the temple of the LORD, they set the priests in their apparel with trumpets, and the Levites the sons of Asaph with cymbals, to praise the LORD, according to the ordinance of David king of Israel.
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AD 735
'And now,' he says, 'if there is repentance in Israel for this, let us make a covenant with our God and send away all these wives and those who are born from them. If the people, he says, fully repent for this transgression, first, having turned to the Lord, let us promise amendment and ask for mercy; and then, having returned to ourselves, let us remove from us the whole root and stem of the wicked deed we have committed - namely, by casting out the unlawful wives along with their progeny. For this is what it means for one truly to do penance: to be entirely turned to God inwardly in the heart, and outwardly to cut off all the means of committing sin from its very source. And by adding,

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Hands; compositions, (Haydock) or ordinances. (Worthington) The 135th Psalm was sung, (Calmet) or the 117th. (Vatable)

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