Ezra 1:10

Thirty bowls of gold, silver bowls of a similar sort four hundred and ten, and other articles a thousand.
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AD 735
While therefore Ezra was thus praying and lamenting and weeping and lying down before the temple of God, a very large assembly of Israel, of men, women, and children, gathered around him, and the people wept with much weeping. How much Ezra's prayer, tears, and sorrow accomplished is shown when it relates that a very great crowd of weeping people of both sexes and of all ages immediately gathered around him. They were weeping either because those who had sinned were doing penance for their sin, or because those who had remained pure were sorrowing over the transgression and downfall of their brothers. But whether it was the former or the latter or both groups who were weeping, all are shown to have been greatly troubled by the prayers and laments of their pontifex, since even the women and children are said to have been present here as well. The event can also be understood to have happened in this way, namely that first those who were innocent and righteous flocked to Ezra when he say...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Sort. Septuagint and Syriac, "double "yet of less value. (Calmet) As no first sort had been mentioned, and some Latin manuscripts read 2410, agreeably to 3 Esdras ii. 12., and the truth, (Hallet) it may be inferred that "thousands were expressed anciently by single letters, with a dot. Over them. "Afterwards, when numbers were expressed by words at length, the b being thus reduced to signify "two "was, of course, written shnim; but this word making nonsense with the following, has been changed into mishnim, a word not very agreeable to the sense here, and which leaves the sum total, now specified in the Hebrew text, very deficient for want of the 2000, thus omitted. (Kennicott, Dis. ii.) Josephus has, "30 golden cups, 2400 of silver. "(Haydock)

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