Ezekiel 30:13

Thus says the Lord GOD; I will also destroy the idols, and I will cause their images to cease out of Memphis; and there shall be no more a prince of the land of Egypt: and I will put a fear in the land of Egypt.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Memphis, the capital of Lower Egypt, (Calmet) where the idol or bull (Haydock) Apis was fed. (Calmet) Here Amasis overcame Apries. (Herodotus ii. 168.) The Chaldeans made war on the gods as well as on the people. Prince Amasis was tributary to Babylon. Some of this probably regards the times of Cambyses and Ochus. (Usher, the year of the world 3478 and 3653.) (Calmet) See chap. xxix. 14. (Haydock)

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