Ezekiel 21:10

It is sharpened to make a great slaughter; it is polished that it may flash like lightning: should we then make mirth? it despised the rod of my son, like every tree.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
My son. He speaks, according to St. Jerome, to the sword of Nabuchodonosor; which was about to remove the sceptre of Israel, whom God here calls his son. (Challoner) This title belonged to all Israel, Exodus iv. 22. (Worthington) The Hebrew seems to be corrupt, and we may adhere to the Vulgate or to the Septuagint, (Calmet) which has, (9.) "Sword be sharp, and raging to slay victims; be sharp to shine, ready for destruction; cut, reduce to nothing, remove all wood. "(Haydock) Syriac, "be ready to scatter the race of my son "Hebrew, "Where shall we rejoice, sceptre of my son, thou sword which despisest every tree? "(Calmet) Protestants, "It contemneth the rod of my son as every tree? "(Haydock)

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