Esther 9:14

And the king commanded it so to be done: and the decree was given at Shushan; and they hanged Haman's ten sons.
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Rabanus Maurus

AD 856
Queen Esther’s endeavor to successfully crush her enemies and root them out reveals the eagerness and zeal of a true queen, namely, of the holy church that constantly fights against her enemies and strives to defeat them completely and subdue them. And it is her voice the psalmist uses when he says, “I pursued my enemies and overtook them; and did not turn back until they were consumed. I struck them down so that they were unable to rise.” And when she first kills five hundred people in Susa, and then three hundred, she shows that eternal death awaits not only those who do not want to repent of their sins, but also those who neglect to adorn the faith of the Holy Trinity with good works. - "Explanation on the Book of Esther 12"

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