Esther 16:5

Oftentimes also fair speech of those, that are put in trust to manage their friends’ affairs, hath caused many that are in authority to be partakers of innocent blood, and hath enwrapped them in remediless calamities:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
And. Greek, "For oftentimes fair speeches, or (Haydock) revenge, (paramuthia. Isaias i. 24. Calmet) has made several of those who have been in authority, and entrusted with the affairs of their friends, partakers in the spilling of innocent blood, and involved them in irremediable calamities, by the wicked craft of those who purposely lead astray the unsuspecting benevolence of governors. "(Haydock) Josephus ( xi. 3.) gives nearly the same sense: (Calmet) "For some of these, being placed in power by their friends, and bearing a private hatred towards some, have deluded their princes by false reasons, and by accusations have persuaded them to stir up the wrath of those who have done no wrong; on which account, they have been in danger of perishing. "This author was not, therefore, unacquainted with the fragment, or part of the history, before us. (Haydock)

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