Esther 16:4

And take not only thankfulness away from among men, but also lifted up with the glorious words of lewd persons, that were never good, they think to escape the justice of God, that seeth all things and hateth evil.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Neither. Greek, "And they not only take away gratitude from among men, but elated with good fortune, which they had not before experienced, they flatter themselves that they will escape the sentence of an all-seeing God, levelled against the wicked. "(Haydock) Artaxerxes insists with reason on the ingratitude of Aman, as it was a crime punishable by their laws; (Cyrop. i.; Brisson ii. p. 250.) and the Persian kings were particularly careful to reward those who had done them good. (Calmet)

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