Esther 16:10

For Aman, a Macedonian, the son of Amadatha, being indeed a stranger from the Persian blood, and far distant from our goodness, and as a stranger received of us,
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Now. Greek, "For as Aman, of Amadathos, a Macedonian, a stranger to the real blood of the Persians, and of a very different character from our goodness, and who, though a stranger to us, partook of that philanthropy which we have for every nation, insomuch as to be styled "(Haydock) At this time the Macedonians were hardly known. (Capellus) But this may be questioned, as their kingdom was of ancient date. (Houbigant) Some think that the Asiatic Macedonians may be designated. (Hardouin.) (Pliny, v. 30, 31.) These, however, may have been so called only after the conquests of Alexander. This king fought against the Greeks, of whom the Macedonians formed a part. (Tirinus) The name may here be placed only for a stranger. (Calmet) Staining. The faults of ministers often redound to the disgrace of those who employ them. (Menochius)

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