Esther 15:10

Thou shalt not die, though our commandment be general: come near.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Eyes. Greek adds, "with glory "with which he was surrounded. This made him at first resent the coming in of women uncalled, till he perceived Esther, and saw her fainting. (Haydock) Capellus would represent this conduct of the king as ridiculous, and contrary to the true history. But this is false: and he improperly renders agoniasas, regem concidisseanimo defecisse; as if the king had fallen down in a swoon; whereas it only means that he experienced those sentiments of anxiety which every good husband would do on the like occasion. (Houbigant) (Chap. v. 2.) Assuerus had at first only perceived the maid, who went before the queen, and the hall was very spacious. (Houbigant) Pale. Greek, "in a fainting-fit, and she leaned upon the head of her maid, (Abra.) who was going before."

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