Epistle of Jeremiah 1:4

Now shall you see in Babylon gods of silver, and of gold, and of wood, borne upon shoulders, which cause the nations to fear.
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AD 450
Joshua, son of Nun, and Caleb, son of Jephunneh, who explored the country together with the priests Moses and Aaron, fulfill their pious duty and dissuade the people from the purpose of a despairing will, saying, “Do not fear the people of this region—we will swallow them in one gulp. The favorable time has passed for them. The Lord is with us. Do not fear.” All of these things regarding the destruction of idols pertain also to the Christian people, so that no one would be apostate from God, fearing the demons from whom they have been freed by God’s grace. And it is precisely their vain procession that Jeremiah describes when he says, “Among other things, when you have entered Jerusalem, you will see there gods of gold and silver carried on their shoulders.” These are made by hands and are nothing and can do neither good nor evil, by the fact that they are nothing. “Do not fear them. Sanctify the Lord in your hearts and let him be the object of your fear.” Isaiah describes the worshipers of demons as “those giants were there, who are called experts in war. But the Lord did not choose them, nor did he give them the way of knowledge. And they perished for lack of wisdom.” And Solomon says, “At the beginning, when the proud giants perished.” Against their pride, Christ’s humble people rose victorious. - "The Book of Promises and Predictions of God 2.9.16"

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