Ecclesiastes 2:6

I made myself pools of water, with which to water the forest that brings forth trees:
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
With reference to the natural sense, you find it said in Ecclesiastes, “I made for myself pools of water to water from them a flourishing woodland.” And do not be concerned that he said “pools” instead of “a well,” because Moses said “the Well of Roomenough.” For the man who has transcended this world with a pious mind is freed of all care and anxieties. There Ecclesiastes says “pools” with reason, for he sees that there is no abundance under the sun, but if anyone wishes to abound, let him abound in Christ. There remains for us the well in the mystical sense, and we find it in the Canticle of Canticles, where the Scripture says, “the fountain of gardens, the well of living water which runs with a strong stream from Lebanon.” Indeed if you pursue the depth of the mysteries, the well appears to you to be mystical wisdom set in the deep, as it were. Isaac, or the Soul–.

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