Ecclesiastes 2:13

Then I saw that wisdom excels folly, as far as light excels darkness.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
And what is the use of understanding, you will say, to the poor person? As might be expected you are ignorant; for neither does the blind person know what is the advantage of light. Listen to Solomon, saying, “As far as light excels darkness, so does wisdom excel folly.” But how shall we instruct him that is in darkness? For the love of money is darkness, permitting nothing that is to appear as it is, but otherwise. For much as one in darkness, though he should see a golden vessel, though a precious stone, though purple garments, supposes them to be nothing, for he does not see their beauty. So also he that is covetous, knows not as he ought the beauty of those things that are worthy of our care. Disperse then I pray you the mist that arises from this passion, and then will you see the nature of things. But nowhere do these things so plainly appear as in poverty, nowhere are those things so disproved which seem to be, and are not, as in selfdenial.

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