Daniel 3:27

For you are righteous in all the things that you have done to us: yes, true are all your works, your ways are right, and all your judgments truth.
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Cyril of Jerusalem

AD 386
Recall what happened to Ananiah and his companions. From which sources did they make water flow or how many vessels of water did they use to extinguish the fire that rose up forty-nine cubits high? Even when the flame rose a little too high, faith was poured out there to extinguish the fire like a river when all confessed their sin, saying, “You are right, O Lord, in all this that you have made; yes, we have sinned in committing evil.” And their confession dissipated the flames. - "Catechetical Lectures 2.16"

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
True; not fickle, and liable to change. (Calmet) Opera mutas non mutas cons ilium. (St. Augustine, Conf. i. 4.) Cappel. argues from this confession, that the piece is not divine, as they would rather have burst out into expressions of admiration, as they do in the canticle below. But they had done so already, (ver. 26) and make this confession, (Haydock) as Daniel does, chap. ix.; reflecting, that if the nation had not transgressed, they would not thus have been exposed to the fury of the king. (Houbigant. v. 40.) (Haydock)

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