Daniel 3:2

And he sent forth to gather the governors, and the captains, and the heads of provinces, chiefs, and princes, and those who were in authority, and all the rulers of districts, to come to the dedication of the image.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Nobles. Literally, "satraps "or, "the king's domestics. "(Septuagint in 1 Esdras viii. 36.) Judges, or "governors of provinces. "(ibid.; Theodot.) Captains of the soothsayers. Rulers; "tyrants "here denoting treasurers. (Calmet) Governors. Literally, "the grandees who were in power "(Haydock) counsellors. The original adds, (Calmet) Thopthia, (Haydock) "lawyers "and orators. The head of the Turkish religion is called muphti, from the same root, (Calmet) peti, "to teach. "(Haydock)


AD 420
It is the higher ranks which stand in the greater peril, and those who occupy the loftier position are the more sudden in their fall. The princes are assembled to worship the statue in order that through their princes the nations also might be attracted into error, (p. 506) For those who possess riches and power are all the more easily overthrown because of their apprehension of being bereft of them. |36 But after the magistrates are led astray, the subject populace perish through the evil example of their superiors.

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