Daniel 14:38

And Daniel said, You have remembered me, O God: neither have you forsaken them that seek you and love you.
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Venerable Barsanuphius and John the Prophet

AD 600
How then, when you go to converse with others, is it that you move from charity and joy to exasperation and rancor, and reproach your neighbor instead of yourself and do not say, “I am the dishonorable one,” but even quite approve of yourself? Because, if the occasion arises, you say, “Speak, for I have spoken and will listen gladly.” Who believes that they listen to your words gladly? Are you Elijah the prophet? Accuse yourself, and know that all of this that happens to you does not happen without the will of God, whether it is in the matter of rest that you yield thanks or an affliction that requires patience. Where is the word in Scripture, “You endure it when someone hits you in the face,” and so on? For this is why we are far from God. Therefore, if you want to learn the way, it is this: to consider the one who persecutes you like the one who cares for you; the one who despises you like the one who praises you; the one who insults you like the one who honors you; and the one who plagues you like the one who provides you with rest. And whether if, by forgetfulness or deliberately, they do not treat you in the way to which you are accustomed, do not get upset but say instead: If God intended this, they would have come. And when they do come, you receive them with a joyful face, rejoicing and thinking: the Lord has had mercy on me although I was unworthy; like Daniel, when the Lord went to visit him, he said only this: “You have remembered, Lord,” judging himself unworthy. - "Book of Letters 68"

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