Daniel 14:1

And king Astyages was gathered to his fathers, and Cyrus of Persia received his kingdom.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Guest. It seems most probable that the king here spoken of was Evilmerodac, the son and successor of Nabuchodonosor, and great favourer of the Jews; (Challoner; Worthington) or it might be Darius, (Houbigant.) or Cyrus, under whose reign St. Iren us (iv. 11.) and others place this history. (Calmet) The more correct Greek editions begin with the preceding verse. (Menochius) Septuagint read, "Prophecy of Abaum, son of Juda, of the tribe of Levi. There was a priest, Daniel, son of Abda, who was a guest of the king of Babylon "See Pref. (Haydock) Ver. 19. Angry. Cappel thinks the priests would not be so easily caught, or that such an imposture would not be so long concealed. But it was their interest to keep the secret, particularly if the king furnished the provisions; and in the night time they would not perceive the small ashes. (Houbigant.) The pagans stupidly believed (Calmet) that the idols eat. (Aristophanes, Plutus. iii. 2.) All the objections against this history are refuted b...


AD 420
The statement of Scripture in this passage, "He cried out with a great voice," may seem, because of its reference to an idolator ignorant of God, to refute the observation put forth a little previously, that the expression "great voice" is found only in connection with saints. This objection is easily solved by asserting that this particular story is not contained in the Hebrew of the Book of Daniel. If, however, anyone should be able to prove that it belongs (B) in the canon, then we should be obliged to seek out some answer to this objection.

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