Daniel 12:5

Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood two others, the one on this bank of the river, and the other on that bank of the river.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Two angels of Persia and Greece, near the Tigris. (Maldonatus) Ver. 6. I. Hebrew, "He. "Theod., Syriac and Arabic, "they said "to Gabriel, chap. x. 5. Angels ask questions of each other, chap. viii. 13. Wonders. How long shall this be in the dark, and the misery continue? Ver. 7. Heaven. He thus shows that he is not God. (Calmet) Time often implies a year, chap. iv. 13. Hence he means three years and a half. Christ assures us that those days shall be shortened, (Matthew xxiv. 22.) and the persecutor shall tarry a short time, Apocalypse xvii. 10., and xii. 14. The same period is insinuated by 1290 days, (ver. 11) and 1330, ver. 12. The two witnesses prophesy 1260 days, during which the Church shall be fed in the wilderness, Apocalypse xii. 6. But the term is most exactly specified by forty-two months, Apocalypse xi. 2., and xiii. 5. Hence all the Fathers agree that the last persecution shall continue no longer. (Worthington) How absurdly do some Protestants explain this of years duri...


AD 420
Daniel saw two angels standing on either side upon the bank of the river of Babylon. Although it is mentioned here without specifying its name, I suppose that in line with the preceding vision it would be the Tigris River, which is called Eddecel (H-d-q-l) in Hebrew. Yet Daniel does not address his question to those who were standing upon either bank, but rather to the one whom he had seen at the beginning, who was clothed in vesture of linen or byssus, which is called baddim (b-d-y-m) in Hebrew. And this same angel was standing upon the waters of the river of Babylon, treading upon them with his feet. From this fact we understand that the former pair of angels whom he saw standing upon the bank and did not question or deem worthy of interrogation were the angels of the Greeks and Persians. But this first angel was the gracious one who had presented Daniel's prayers before God during the twenty-one days while the angel of the Persians was opposing him. And Daniel was asking him (varian...

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