Daniel 1:12

Test your servants, I beseech you, ten days; and let them give us vegetables to eat, and water to drink.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Pulse. That is, pease, beans, and such like. (Challoner) St. Basil hence shows the advantages of fasting; and Catholics, who imitate Daniel, may expect the like reward in heaven: and hope that such a pattern would not displease their dissenting brethren, but rather screen them from their profane sarcasms. (Haydock)

Hippolytus of Rome

AD 235
Prove now your servants. They teach that it is not earthly meats that give to men their beauty and strength, but the grace of God bestowed by the Word. And after a little. You have seen the incorruptible faith of the youths, and the unalterable fear of God. They asked an interval of ten days, to prove therein that man cannot otherwise find grace with God than by believing the word preached by the Lord.


AD 420
His faith was so incredibly great that he not only promised he would be in good flesh by eating the humbler food, but he even set a time-limit. Therefore it was not a matter of temerity but of faith, for the sake of which he despised the sumptuous fare of the king.

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