Isaiah 44:5

One shall say, I am the ; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall write on his hand, The LORD'S, and surname himself by the name of Israel.
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Procopius of Gaza

AD 528
We have seen many of the saints themselves latch on to names of certain men. One calls himself Jacob, another Israel, others even call themselves Jeremiah and Isaiah and Daniel. Encouraged by these names, they give themselves over to martyrdom with enthusiasm. “Another will write with his hands, ‘the Lord’s.’ ” This signifies the marking that many have on their hands or arms, or it refers to those marked with the sign of the cross or the name of Christ. The portion or the inheritance of the name of God is implied by the use of the name derived from “Jacob” [i.e., “Israel”]. It signifies that those who have acted in a godly way will not be allowed to go to utter ruin, for he does not want to destroy the whole of Israel but turn them totally toward God. And he provides the way of salvation to those who believe in him. He calls himself Lord and God, Creator and Framer—this is intended to show that they were in error when Israel gave the name of “god” to others who were not gods and forgot the one who was from the beginning the creator of humanity. They were honoring their parents as the ones who were responsible in the beginning and ignoring the Maker, as one of the prophets said: “The son gives glory to the father and the slave to his master,” and “If I am the Father, then where is my glory?” and “If I am the ruler of all, where is the fear of me?” says the Lord. For [the Son] is the Lord who rules the creation by hand, but the Father is the one who made it.
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