Isaiah 22:1

The burden concerning the valley of vision. What ails you now, that you are wholly gone up to the housetops?
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AD 420
If, as I was saying, we are in the church, if we possess the faith of the church, of the apostles, of Christ, the truths of Christian teaching, we are the mountains of Zion. We do not want to be among the valleys of Zion; we want to be mountains of Zion. Zion, indeed, has its valleys; it has plains, too. The sinner is a valley of Zion, not a mountain. Someone may interpose, “You are giving us your own opinion.” Let us call upon the testimony of Isaiah when Zion had fallen into sin, in which after many visions, the prophet mentions one against Idumea, one against Moab, one against Edom and the sons of Ammon, and lastly, “a vision of the valley of Zion.” Because Zion had descended from sublime faith, it fell recklessly from the mountain into the valley. Before all else, then, let us flee from the valleys of Zion and come to the plains; from the plains, let us go to the hills, from the hills up the mountains.
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