Song of Songs 1:15

Behold, you are fair, my love; behold, you are fair; you have doves' eyes.
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AD 735
Since the image of a dove is placed before us by God so that we may learn the simplicity favored, let us look diligently at its nature, so that from each one of its examples of innocence we may take the principles of a more correct life. [The dove] is a stranger to malice. May all bitterness, anger and indignation be taken away from us, together with all malice. It injures nothing with its mouth or talons, nor does it nourish itself or its young on tiny mice or grubs, which almost all smaller birds [do]. Let us see that our teeth are not weapons and arrows, lest gnawing and consuming one another we be consumed by one another. Let us keep our hands from plundering. “He who has now been stealing, let him steal no more; let him labor by working with his hands, which is a good thing, so that he may have something he can bestow upon one who is suffering need.” It is also reported that the dove often supplies nourishment to strangers as though they were her own young. She feeds them with the fruits and seeds of the earth.
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