Wisdom of Sirach 23:22

Thus shall it go also with the wife that leaves her husband, and brings in an heir by another.
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Rabanus Maurus

AD 856
The divine judgment condemns the adultery of both the husband and the wife in the same way, and the fruit of such unions is not pleasing to the Lord, nor can what has clearly been born of the contamination of sin please him. According to allegorical interpretation, the assembly of the heretics, or any soul that is deceived by heretical perversity, ceases to please God, since she has abandoned her first husband, the guide of her youth, who had united her to himself in the sacred bond of baptism and adorned her with the beauty of virtue. Ezekiel wrote very clearly on this: "She has united with another man," that is, with the devil, "who has contaminated her with various errors, making her completely guilty."
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