Wisdom of Sirach 19:30

A man's attire, and excessive laughter, and gait, show what he is.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Once we have been inscribed in this spiritual senate of the church, it is right that we not permit ourselves the same actions as others but always manifest control of our tongue and purity of mind, educating each of our members to undertake no action that is not very useful to the soul. What am I saying? To use the tongue only for hymns, for praise, for the reading of the divine judgments and for spiritual conversation. As it says, "Let there be speech that is good for edifying, conferring grace on the listeners. And do not grieve the spirit of God in whom you have been sealed." Do you know that to fail to do this is to sadden the Holy Spirit? Therefore, I implore you, try to do nothing that saddens the Holy Spirit. If we must go out, let us not attend dangerous or unreasonable meetings, full of foolishness. Rather, prefer nothing to the church of God, to houses of prayer and to meetings where spiritual things are discussed. And let each of our actions be very dignified. As it says, "A person"s attire, his laughter and his gait reveal who he is." The external posture can be a clear image of the condition of the soul; indeed, the movement of the members reveals its beauty in a particular way. If we go into the town square, let our gait, our serenity and our composure be such as to attract the notice of those we encounter, let our eye not roam or our feet walk in a disorderly manner, and let our tongue proffer words with tranquility and gentleness. In other words, let our entire exterior disposition indicate the interior beauty of the soul. Let our behavior be already as though foreign and transformed, because the things that we do are new and foreign, as the blessed Paul indicates when he says, "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature."
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