Wisdom of Sirach 1:21

The fear of the Lord drives away sins: and where it is present, it turns away wrath.
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Clement Of Alexandria

AD 215
The Lord often frequently speaks before he proceeds to act. "For my arrows," he says, "will make an end of them. They shall be consumed with hunger and be eaten by birds; and they will suffer incurable convulsions. I will send the teeth of wild beasts on them, with the rage of serpents creeping on the earth. Out in the open, the sword will make them childless, and in their chambers shall be fear." This does not mean the divine Spirit gets angry, as some believe. He often shows restraint and provides encouragement while showing us what ought to be done. But he also employs this effective method that consists in producing fear in us so that we do not sin. "For the fear of the Lord drives away sins, and he who is without fear cannot be justified," the Scripture says.
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