Job 41:6

Shall your companions make a banquet of him? shall they apportion him among the merchants?
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
Why is our enemy first called Behemoth, then Leviathan and finally is compared to a bird that God plays with in order to destroy it? Behemoth, as we have said, means “a huge beast,” a quadruped that eats grass like an ox. The Leviathan appears to be a serpent of the sea, because it is caught by hook. But now it takes on the guise of a bird, when God says, “Will you play with it as with a bird?” Let us see why it is called huge beast, dragon and bird. We can immediately understand the meaning of these names by examining the malice of his schemes. From heaven he descended on earth and cannot rise anymore on high as he has no aspiration to the hope of getting heavenly goods. Therefore, it is a quadruped deprived of reason because of the foolishness of its impure behavior, a dragon because of the malice through which it causes harm, a bird because of the agility of its spiritual nature.
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