Job 40:24

He takes it with his eyes: his nose pierces through snares.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
“And when he has gone up to a steep mountain, he causes joy to the quadrupeds in the deep.” This means the wild animals have raised their heads only when this animal has withdrawn to the mountains. If [God] has created these two enormous beasts, he did so in order that you might know that he may create all of them according to their own type. But God does not do so because his creation is oriented to provide what is useful to you. Notice how these beasts observe their proper laws: they haunt that part of the sea which is not navigable. But one may ask, What is their use? We ignore what is the mysterious utility of these monsters, but, if we want to take the risk of an explanation, we may say that they lead toward the knowledge of God.
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