Job 38:27

To satisfy the desolate and waste ground; and to cause the bud of the tender grass to spring forth?
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
But these things that have been stated generally of the Gentile world, we see taking place, if we carefully examine them, in individuals within the bosom of holy church. For there are many, grievously insensible to the words of God, who are counted under the name of faith, who hear the words of life with their ears but do not permit them to pass through to the inward places of their heart. What else are these than desert land? And that land in truth has no human vitality, because their mind is void of the sense of reason. And no mortal dwells in this land, because if thoughts of reasonable meanings ever spring up in their conscience, they do not remain there. For evil desires find a resting place in their hearts, but if good desires have ever come there, they pass away, as if urged on. But when the merciful God deigns to give a course to his shower and a way to the sounding thunder, being stung with grace within, they open the ears of their heart to the words of life. And the pathless land is filled, for while it grants a hearing to the world, it is overwhelmed with mystery. And it brings forth green herbs, because when watered by the grace of compunction, it not only willingly receives the words of preaching but also returns them with abundant increase; so that it is now eager to speak what it could not hear, and that which had become dry, even within, through not listening, feeds with its verdure as many as are hungry.
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