Job 38:15

And from the wicked their light is withheld, and the uplifted arm shall be broken.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
“The seal shall be restored as clay and shall stand as a garment.” The Lord made humankind, whom he fashioned after his own likeness, as a kind of seal of his power. But it shall be restored as clay, because, though he may by conversion escape eternal sufferings, yet he is condemned by the death of the flesh in punishment for the pride he has committed. Humankind, who has been formed from clay and adorned with the likeness of the divine image, having received the gift of reason, forgets, when swelling with pride of heart, that it was formed of the basest materials. Hence it has been ordered by the marvelous justice of the Creator that because he [humanity] became proud in consequence of that reasonable sense which he received, he should again by death become earth which he was unwilling humbly to regard himself. And when the spirit is summoned from the body, it is stripped, as it were, of its kind of covering of flesh; it is fitly subjoined of the same clay. “The seal shall be restored as clay.” … He subjoins what is the special punishment of the proud by saying, “The light shall be taken away from the wicked, and their high arm shall be broken,” for the death of the flesh that restores the elect to their light takes away their light from the reprobate. The light of the proud is the glory of this present life, and that light is then withdrawn from it when it is called by the death of the flesh to the darkness of it own retributions. Then the high arm is there broken, because of the loftiness of the heart that has been violently seized upon beyond the order of nature, and it is scattered by the weight of divine justice, which overwhelms it.
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