Job 37:22

Fair weather comes out of the north: with God is awesome majesty.
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Julian of Eclanum

AD 455
“But now they do not see the light; suddenly the sky is covered with clouds; and the passing wind will drive them away.” With his words he demonstrates how they do not see the light he demonstrates with his words by saying, “Suddenly the sky is covered with clouds”; the splendor of the sun is hidden by thick clouds and a darkened sky, but it is called back for the use of mortals through the repelling of the clouds. “From Aquilon comes gold.” “From Aquilon the golden-colored clouds [come], the great glory and honor of God is in them.” “From Aquilon gold comes.” He said “Aquilon” for the east and “gold” for dawn, which imitates the appearance of the shining metal with its glowing color. “And the timorous praise of God”; certainly the service of praising him is not taken without fear because of the immensity of his fame.
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