Job 28:11

He binds the streams from overflowing; and the thing that is hid brings he forth to light.
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Julian of Eclanum

AD 455
“And his eye has seen every precious thing.” That is, not only those things that were useful but also those that were convenient as an ornament, such as clothes from wool, fabrics for the rich from the threads of the Persian worms, wine from some creeping plants, ointments and other remedies from herbs. “The sources of the rivers he has probed,” while his curious hand explored the stones covered by the waters. “Hidden things he has brought to light”; his reason spread the news about the previously unknown usefulness of things. In fact, since before humankind the elements subsisted alone, after he was created, he understood what usefulness could be gained from each of them with the guidance of his reason, which lands were suitable for sowing, which for plantations that benefit could be obtained from a particular plant, which wood was useful to build ships that was suitable for buildings.
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