Job 9:13

If God will not withdraw his anger, the proud helpers do bow before him.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
For the human race, being shut out from interior joy as the result of sin, lost the eyes of the mind. Where the mind is now going in the steps of its deserved punishments, it cannot tell. Often the mind identifies the gift of grace as wrath. In turn, it is the wrath of God’s severity that it supposes to be grace. For very commonly it reckons gifts of virtue as grace, and yet being uplifted [pridefully] by those gifts is brought to the ground. Very often it dreads the opposition of temptations as wrath, and yet being bowed down by those temptations, arises with even greater concern for the safe keeping of his virtuous attainments. For who would not reckon himself to be near to God when he sees that he is magnified with gifts from on high? When either the gift of prophecy or the mastery of teaching has been granted to him, or when he is empowered to exercise the grace of healing? Yet it often happens that while the mind may become careless in its self-satisfaction over its virtues as the adversary plots against it, it is pierced with the weapon of unexpected sin. The mind is forever put far away from God by the very means by which for a time it was brought near to him without the caution of attentiveness.… The acts of our Maker ought always to be reverenced without scrutiny, for they can never be unjust. For to seek a reason for God’s secret counsel is nothing else than to erect one’s own pride against his counsel. So when the motive of God’s acts cannot be discovered, in humility we should remain silent under those acts, for the senses of the flesh are not equal to the task of penetrating the secrets of God’s majesty. He, then, who sees no reason for the acts of God, on considering his own weakness, does see although he does not see.
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