Job 3:26

I was not at ease, neither had I quiet, neither was I at rest; yet trouble came.
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Julian of Eclanum

AD 455
I did not ignorantly run into the things that I suffer. In fact, when I saw in others poverty’s afflictions and the different diseases of the body, my communion with nature and my body warned me to fear lest anything of the same kind should happen to me. Therefore, I am also forced to fear an increase in the misfortunes I bear. This anticipation makes death look better than life. Job then adds, “Was I not quiet?” The Greek reads, “I was not quiet.” That is to say, I did not continue in the fruition and prosperity of my goods. He says he feared he might encounter against his intention the evil necessity to reveal part of his vexations with wailing accents. Therefore Job says, “Was I not quiet?” This means that while the harshness of my pain struck me, I wanted to hide in silence what I suffered, but such an abundance of raging misfortunes befell me that I am forced to reveal my tribulations with a feeble voice.
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