Joshua 23:8

But cleave unto the LORD your God, as you have done unto this day.
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Tertullian of Carthage

AD 220
Learning literature is allowable for believers, rather than teaching; for the principle of learning and of teaching is different. If a believer teaches literature, while he is teaching doubtless he commends, while he delivers he affirms, while he recalls he bears testimony to, the praises of idols interspersed therein. He seals the gods themselves with this name [of gods]; whereas the Law, as we have said, prohibits “the names of gods to be pronounced,” and this name [of God] to be conferred on vanity. Hence the devil gets men’s early faith built up from the beginnings of their erudition. Inquire whether he who teaches about idols commits idolatry. But when a believer learns these things, if he is already capable of understanding what idolatry is, he neither receives nor allows them; much more if he is not yet capable. Or, when he begins to understand, it behooves him first to understand what he has previously learned, that is, touching God and the faith. Therefore he will reject those things and will not receive them, and will be as safe as one who from one who knows it not knowingly accepts poison but does not drink it.
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