Daniel 3:45

And let them know that you are God, the only God, and glorious over the whole world.
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Eucherius of Lyon

AD 449
I speak of our God. You could burn for him with a fire as great as it is holy: it is enough, however, that in place of your former passions, you would yield to desires having value. If you were impressed with a lofty person’s prestige, nothing is higher than God. If you were awed by things apt and tending to glory, there is nothing more glorious than God. If you could not help but admire the splendor of shiny things, is there perhaps something more brilliant than God? If the sight of beautiful things attracted you, nothing is more beautiful than God. If you thought you perceived truth in someone, there is nothing truer than God is. If you felt yourself obliged to admire someone for his generosity, nothing is more generous than God. Do you admire what is pure and simple? Nothing is more limpid than that goodness. Do great riches tempt you? Nothing is more abundant than that prosperity. Are you fond of someone because he is faithful? What could be more secure than God’s fidelity? Do you like something because it suits you? But nothing could be more suitable than God’s love. Is there something that attracts you by its unaffected air or its pleasantness? There is nothing more terrible or more benign than that greatness, than that indulgence.
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