Tobit 12:12

Now therefore, when you did pray, and Sara your daughter in law, I did bring the remembrance of your prayers before the Holy One: and when you did bury the dead, I was with you likewise.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
If some human being, but also if any angel, seemingly, should wish to tempt you, either through some kind of apparition or through a dream, and say, “Do this for me, celebrate this rite for me, because I am,” for example, “the angel Gabriel,” don’t believe him. As for you, stick safely to worshiping the one God who is Father and Son and Holy Spirit. If it is really an angel, he will rejoice at your worshiping like that; but if he gets angry because you haven’t given him something extra, then you must now understand him to be the one about whom the apostle says that he “transfigures himself into an angel of light.” He wants to block your way; he is intruding himself with evil intent; he is not the mediator who reconciles but rather the one who separates. I mean, that angel in the Apocalypse and others like him do not want themselves, but God, to be adored. They are messengers, announcing whatever message they have been given to announce; they are “attendants,” doing whatever they have been ordered to do, presenting our prayers to God, not demanding them for themselves in God’s stead. The angel says to the man, “I offered your petition in the presence of the glory of God,” and yet the man was not pleading with the angel but with God; the attendant offered his prayer.
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