Ecclesiastes 7:24

That which is far off, and exceedingly deep, who can find it out?
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Gregory the Theologian

AD 390
Who is it, who made all things by his Word, and formed man by his Wisdom, and gathered into one things scattered abroad, and mingled dust with spirit, and compounded an animal visible and invisible, temporal and immortal, earthly and heavenly, able to attain to God but not to comprehend him, drawing near and yet far off? “I said, I will be wise,” says Solomon, “but she was far from me beyond what is,” and, “Verily, he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.” For the joy of what we have discovered is no greater than the pain of what escapes us; a pain, I imagine, like that felt by those who are dragged, while yet thirsty, from the water, or are unable to retain what they think they hold, or are suddenly left in the dark by a flash of lightning. In Defense of His Flight, Oration
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