Genesis 1:23

And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.
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AD 735
However, on the fifth day, the waters brought forth forms of living creatures and the birds of the air flying above the earth beneath the firmament of the sky; and in the fifth age, the sons of exiles grew and multiplied in Babylon, which is often called by the name of ‘waters’. Very many of them stayed like fish in the waters, of those, however, there were not a few, who like great whales sought to dominate the great waves of the world, rather than serve them, because by no terror were they able to be corrupted to idolatry. Others, loosed from their captivity, as if receiving wings of freedom, returned to the land of Israel, and in the form of birds sought with all intent the heavens, in such a way that they strove to rebuild the temple and city of God, and also to restore His law with greatest perseverance. But evening was drawing near, when afterwards among other shadows of wickedness they disagreed amongst themselves in domestic conflicts and were themselves traitors of their own land to the Romans; it also came when it happened that they not only were made tributaries, but also were subjected to the rule of a foreign king.
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