1 Chronicles 1:13

And Canaan begat Sidon his firstborn, and Heth,
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Richard Challoner

AD 1781
The first-born son of Chanaan was Sidon, from whom the city in Phoenicia is named Sidon. Then there was Aracaeus, who founded Arcas, a town situated over against Tripolis at the foot of Mount Lebanon. Not far away from this was another city, Sinus by name, which was overthrown later in various chances of war and preserves the original name only as the name of the place. The Aradians are those who occupied the island of Aradus, separated by a narrow strait from the Phoenician shore. To the Samaraeans belongs Emissa, a noble city of Coele-Syria. Up to our own time Amath is still called both by Syrians and by Hebrews what it had been called by the ancients: the Macedonians, who ruled in the east after Alexander, called this city Epiphania. Some people think that it was called Antiochia. Others, although not correctly, none the less support their conjecture with a word like the right one and think that it was called Emas, the first stopping-place from Antioch for those continuing the journey to Edessa; and they think that it is the same place which was called Emath by the ancients. (St. Jerome on Hebrew Names)
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