Amos 3:13

Hear you, and testify in the house of Jacob, says the Lord GOD, the God of hosts,
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Gregory the Theologian

AD 390
God’s other titles fall into two distinct groups. The first group belongs to his power, the second to his providential ordering of the world, a twofold providential ordering—involving, and not involving, incarnation. Clear cases of titles that belong to his power are “Almighty” and “King”—whether it be of “glory,” “the ages,” “of the forces,” or “of the beloved” or the “rulers” —“Lord Sabbaoth,” which means “lord of the armies,” “forces” or “masters.” To his providential ordering belong “God”—be it “of salvation,” “retribution,” “peace,” or “righteousness,” or “of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” or all the spiritual “Israel,” which has the vision of God. For since we are controlled by three conditions—fear of punishment, hope for salvation and glory too, and the practice of the virtues which results in these last—the name which mentions retribution deals with fear, the one which mentions salvation with hope, and that which refers to virtues disciplines us to practice them. The intention is that by, as it were, carrying God inside one, a person may have some success here and press on all the harder to perfection, toward that affinity with God which comes from the virtues. On the Son, Theological Oration ()..
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