Zechariah 3:3

Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel.
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Justin Martyr

AD 165
To explain more fully the revelation of our holy Jesus Christ, I will continue my discourse by stating that the above quoted revelation [of Zechariah] was given to us who believe in Christ, the high priest and crucified one. For we, who once practiced fornication and every other kind of filthy action, have, through the grace conferred upon us by our Jesus according to the will of his Father, cast off all these foul garments of sin in which we were dressed. Although the devil stands nearby ready to oppose us and anxious to ensnare all of us for himself, the angel of God (namely, the power of God which was sent to us through Jesus Christ) rebukes him, and he departs from us. And we have been, so to speak, snatched from the fire, when we were purified from our former sins and [delivered] from the fiery torment with which the devil and his assistants try us. From such dangers does Jesus, the Son of God, again snatch us. He has also promised, if we obey his commands, to dress us in garments that he has set aside for us and to reward us with an eternal kingdom.
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